Santu Lussurgiu Creative Hub

Santu Lussurgiu, Sardinia

This is a project for the terroir: a conservative restoration of the old boarding school Carta-Meloni in Santu Lussurgiu, a small village in central Sardinia. It is the projectual answer to a visionary national competition to restore ten suburban areas promoted by MIBACT.

This is a project that puts coworking spaces into the old classrooms, where personal knowledge and entrepreneurship can help revitalise one of the sleepiest parts of Sardinia.

External spaces are dedicated to educational growing activities.

A modern extension provides the built complex with helpful ateliers where creatives can sell their wares to passers-by.

As the existing roof is riddled with asbestos fibers, this project calls for a new lightweight structure made of COR-TEN weathering steel.